Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

These are cherry blossoms on the (sadly)ornamental cherry tree in our backyard.

Who knew blueberry blossoms were so pretty?  I am really looking forward to the fruit as well, homemade lavender blueberry ice cream possibly?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There was cake

My birthday was a few weeks ago.  My Darling Daughter made me a cake, (poison ivy themed of course):

My Darling Son made me a deep dish pizza, (his first attempt and quite tasty!):

Darling Husband got me books, the three sewing books I had requested:
As well as a hardcover edition of one of my favorite books (by one of my favorite authors) ever:
He also took me out to a fancy dinner where we ate truffled fries and huckleberry cobbler.

I may have also used the excuse of my birthday month to purchase yet more yarn, (mostly for knit alongs), multiple plants,(berries and herbs mainly), a few vintage sewing patterns, and eye shadow from Geek Chic.  I need to finish taking pictures once the sewing patterns arrive.
Now to figure out where all my fabric bins got put so I can sew all the things!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Lemme, there is too much. Lemme sum up."

My Bag of Sanity split at the seams.
We went for an impromptu hike.  The Boise mud sucked the heel caps off of boots that had survived three spring RenFaire seasons in Texas.
The house is mostly in order, with a few things bought to round out the look. I am actually attempting to decorate this go around. It's definitely neo-Victorian by way of modern cartoons from that end of the forest where there are more ravens than bluebirds.  I like ravens.  These pint glasses make a lovely addition.
My in-laws came for a visit.  We went to Twin Falls.  It was cold, windy, and there wasn't much water.  The view was still pretty amazing. We've made plans to go back once the weather warms up.

We also went to the Birds of Prey Center, we have plans to go back there as well.   Darling Son heckled, gently, a bald eagle to get him to show off his wing span for the surrounding crowd.

Said in-laws made it home safely, to where weird, white, frozen stuff does not fall from the sky.

Husband had shoulder surgery not overly long ago, so I have been being an extra set of hands as needed while he recovers. 

My container garden is being steadily, albeit slowly replanted.  It only stopped snowing in the last week, putting a damper on spring planting till later than I am used to. 
 I've spent a goodly amount of time embroidering (mostly seasonal) pieces to put up, padded with a heavy amount of knitting so I have nice things to wear once the warm weather is in full swing, (instead of disintegrating tee shirts). 
 At some point I will remember to take pictures of the half dozen things I have finished this year so far, as well as the half a handful of plants(not just pots of dirt) and my new (absolutely fantastic) sewing books.
I've still not found a groove out here.  I am choosing to blame it on the winter hibernation that happens around here.  Hopefully, that changes with the (just) now warmer weather.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year...a little late...

From Idaho!
We relocated over the holiday season.  Now that the settling in process has started, husband and I rewarded ourselves last night with a tasty adult beverage.
Here's to 2016 being even better than we all hope for!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Made just a few things this year

I've kept a written list of all the craft projects I have completed this year.  The list has everything from jewelry making to sewing and embroidery projects on it.  With the two completed projects below, I have sixty one items on that list.
This was an impulse join, and I'm so very glad I did! The pattern is Just For You Two by Laura Aylor the yarn is Malabrigo Mecha in the Hojas colorway.
The yarn is soft, squishy, and beautiful. The pattern was a joy to knit as it flew off the needles.

The second project is out of Hunter Hammersen's latest book Fine Things for Plain Occassions the pattern is Distinct Moral Support made using hand dye from Lucky Ewe Yarn in the Sedona colorway.
It's unlikely anything else will get finished between now and when I start my list of finished projects of 2016...maybe I should knit a little faster?  See if I can hit sixty two?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yarn Realization

So, I've been getting all my yarn together.  This is it, minus two more bins (one of the bins shown is actually sewing supplies).  The bags are yarn and projects that did not fit in the available bins.
I have realized I may have quite a bit of yarn.  My bag of sanity, plus a large purse, both with yet more projects worth of yarn in them have not been included.  Those bags contain a decent sized yarn stash in their own right. They may have a solid two dozen projects worth under their slightly stressed zippers. I will likely weed out a couple more by the end of the day, but there will be enough downtime through New Year's that the number of projects is not unreasonable, just mildly insane.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Distracted By Making

Mostly what I am making is space.  Space has been made in closets, cabinets and the garage.  Who knew we had so much stuff we didn't need?

Socks have also been made:
A couple of shawls have been completed.  Rincewind:
It is warm, squishy, and as is common for me, green and purple.
The Vanessa Ives knit along also got completed, though it is still unblocked. I chose to add more beads instead of knitting nupps (which are decidedly not my favorite).  I even did the crocheted bind off, which took me a solid four days!

I really rather adore it, but probably won't have a chance to block it into it's full beauty till some time next year.
The other thing I am making is practical and in colors I like (and isn't solid green). It can also be picked up and put down easily between bouts of space-making.  The pattern is Uncomplicated by Alicia Plummer in KnitPicks Stroll in the Inverness colorway, the size I am knitting is causing the yarn to pool and stripe in interesting ways that are unexpected and entertaining.
Cupcakes were also made.

They were mini Boston cream pies.  The candy eyes were left over from Halloween, we couldn't possibly leave them to go stale could we?