Sunday, October 4, 2015


I am thirty nine and a half.  As my full birthday was spent at a family wedding reception,  (there was cake and singing, it was definitely not my party, nor should it have been) I figured I would post a picture today.  Sadly, the brain raccoons (so much thanks to Jilli for bringing the description to my attention!) got me last night.  Four hours sleep is not the most flattering look, but I went with it anyway.  Happily, it is enough sleep for me to finish embroidering my lab coat for Halloween!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Now wasn't that thoughtful?

They made a perfume just for me!
Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, after years of haunting their site, made a scent I had to have.  Madame Moriarty, Misfortune Teller was too perfect for me to pass up! 
Paired with my new favorite lotion set I end up smelling like a dark, sexy pastry.  I love it rather a lot!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Maybe I should have thought this through better...

In my defense, the move was not official when these all sounded like wonderful ideas.  Now it is...and I'm glad lace shawls (even in progress) pack fairly well.
I may have managed to sign up for five different knit alongs all starting in a two month time frame.  They are all some flavor of shawl, I may have a teeny addiction.  Two of them have a Halloween sort of theme.  The patterns were bought almost instantly in a haze of black and orange. They are the Voodoo kal by Boo Knits and the Vanessa Ives kal by bunnymuff (Penny Dreadful themed?!? Yes please!!!)  Yarn and beads have already been kitted up.
For the Voodoo kal, yes, just basic black.  I think it will be stunning.
For Vanessa Ives, a colorway called Gothic Rose from Dream in Color seemed absolutely perfect!
The third knit along is an ongoing one.  The Elements kal from Erica Jackofsky that I am loving the patterns from. Admittedly, Earth hasn't been started (I have the yarn), Water is still on the needles, but I have the yarn for Air!
The fourth one that starts in October, (and one of the three of the knit alongs that starts on the first) is Wandering Moon.  I don't have yarn for it yet, a warm gray with a sheen to it would be lovely!
And last but not least, is the knit along that I am currently knitting (and keeping up with); Mountain Trails by Leedra Scott.  The following picture is out of focus, unfinished and unblocked, so should not spoil things for anyone wishing to keep the finished item a surprise.
The pattern has been wonderful to knit!  The yarn is Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye from KnitPicks in the Conifer colorway.
I'm sure I will absolutely be able to finish all of these...while doing knitting for the trunk show the first week of October, some secret knitting, getting ready for Halloween, knitting up woolies for a winter where is actually gets cold and oh, yes moving at the end of the year. 
At some point, I will also remember that breathing, eating, and sleeping are not optional activities to pencil in when I have time.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

It was a knit wear kind of evening...

Last night we went out to dinner with friends.  One was a gentleman newly introduced to the idea of enthusiastic knitters.  I knew this in advance.  I dressed accordingly.
The top is the Date Night pullover.  The skirt is Intolerable Cruelty, (sorry no back shot, but I used black ribbon to lace the back of the skirt).  My purse was also hand knit, (black, felted, not very exciting)  with a shawlette tied to the handles should I catch a chill.  I was lamenting as we headed to the restaurant that I hadn't finished putting the hand knit mini roses on bobby pins to add to my hair.
At one point he asked if there were groups to help people like me; my response, delivered with a huge grin, "Yes, they are called yarn stores." 
He went home that evening under the impression I was crazy.  I am quite comfortable with the idea.

Definitely a successful evening.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Good Knitting Weekend

The first thing off the needles was my mutant bonfire hat. 
The hand dye I used worked up beautifully.  The hat pattern was simple and worked up quite nicely.
The next thing off the needles was a pair of baby socks for parents who are fans of rival basketball teams.
The last thing off the needles took some will power....and a little wine.
This is my third, decidedly final, LivedIn top.  It took much longer than the other two because while I wanted the finished object, I was completely tired knitting of it.
Which is why this was opened this weekend:
Yes, it has a sheep on it.  The label was a large reason why I bought it in the first place.  It just so happens it is named for shearing sheds in Australia!  Wine and wool!  Quite tasty as well!

So, progress was made. All it took was a long weekend, some minor housekeeping avoidance and a tasty beverage.  This may get repeated again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Loud and not so loud

My Nerd Girl Yarn got here!!!  With a name like Glow Cloud, it had to come live with me.
It's actually brighter in person.  Definitely not my usual colors, so I was surprised to discover how happy it made me. 
I had it wound up less than an hour after opening the package.
The toe of the first sock I had planned may already be through the increases:

I may have also grabbed yarn for a Rincewind shawl, because I needed one. The yarn got here an hour ago:

It's Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun in Green Plum (7762).  Definitely my usual set of colors, (green and purple) and I love it.
At some point I will actually finish something to post, till then, beginnings it is!