Saturday, August 5, 2017

Purple Jalapeno!

There has been a heavy amount of trying to keep plants alive around here.  As with so many places this summer, it has been decidedly warmer than usual.  Which means being laughed at by others when I get over-excited by produce appearing when so many blossoms have burnt to crisps under unforgiving sun.
The purple jalapenos have been particularly pretty to watch as the blooms are a gorgeous violet color, with the fruit appearing almost black at first glance.
There are the container watermelons, not staying contained:
Some very wee tomatoes of a couple different types:
As well as cucumbers (there are lemon cucumbers in there as well now):
There hasn't been much new yarn, though I did take pictures of the Rose Anguish colorway skein:
There was also a goodie parcel from Eat.Sleep.Knit.for reaching the Float Falls level in this year's yarnathon.  The base of the yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Targhee Worsted (which I adore!) in the colorway, Molasses Swamp Monster:

I may have bought (and already knit a sweater vest out of) a skein of that same yarn base in the colorway Ish Kabibble, (whilst coveting several more colorways. Metaphysical Angst and Galactic Broccoli anyone?).  At some point I will remember to take pictures.  I keep forgetting that I finished something, surrounded by the endless hills of unfinished projects as I am.
Honestly, there has been too much cleaning and chore doing and not enough sleeping in my life lately, so my artsy endeavors suffer from lack of focus.  Knitting half a row on six different projects does not make for much progress on anything.
It will get better I'm sure.  Cooler weather will come, bringing the need for socks and sweaters and Halloween decorations...maybe I will sleep then.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pie and shawls...mostly

First off, I made a variation of key lime pie that was quite good (this recipe is close to what I used).  I was out of graham crackers for crust, so I used some crunchy granola I had lying around and I did use actual whipped cream on top...because whipped cream.
Admittedly, it wasn't perfect, though close enough to make the household happy.

The other project I allotted myself was blocking finished shawls so I could actually wear them.  There were just a few:
Some where around eighteen I think.
Naomh has been blocked:
As has my Dragon Tail and Out of Gas:

Sadly, this made me realize that I bound off Out of Gas too tightly.  I will eventually pick out the bind off and re-do it so it has the lovely points.

I hung a couple new pieces in my livingroom;  one hand stitched, the other from Evil Supply Co.
The "hive of scum and villainy" cross stitch was a freebie found randomly one evening on the internet.
There is one more piece to go with them, though it still needs to be framed:
I also made a par of Mrs. Weasley Mitts  out of the Sweet Race prize skein from Eat. Sleep. Knit.
Not my standard colors but the yarn base,Steamer Trunk from Mrs. Crosby  was glorious to work with!  The pattern was also outstanding, the stitch pattern makes for a lovely, warm, squishy fabric.

Everything else has been trying to get some of the multitude of in progress projects (probably close to two dozen within arms reach) off the needles.  Yarn buying has pretty much stopped.  There was the stuff on closeout I bought for a Dark and Stormy  and the skein of cashmere blend bought using store credit (with a name like Rose Anguish how could I not?).  I've even been using patterns out of my (rather extensive) pattern library.
With this approach, there can be hope that potential knitting projects will not fall out of most available storage space....eventually...maybe.

Friday, June 30, 2017

I blinked twice....

May disappeared and June rapidly followed.  There have been appointments and birthdays, retirement shindigs and block parties, as well as one short notice surgery (Husband's shoulder is healing beautifully).
Through it all, I have knit.  I have also bought oodles of yarn I have yet to photograph.  Enough of the yarn was bought from EatSleepKnit  that I earned a special skein of yarn from the current Yarnathon:

Not my first choice of a colorway, but it will make some lovely fingerless mitts I think!
I re-bought the Gator Purse kit, so I could have a new dragon purse in a decent size (old, small one in picture for scale; gauge matters).
Said bag is complete, but to prove my brain is not clear, I just realized I deleted the completed project photo by accident.
I also completed a couple of sweaters:
The Liza, which I am calling my WannaBe Wood Elf Cardigan:
And the first of three June Lake tops, the first one is in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal colorway Malbec:
This piece has already been worn to one of said block parties...and I adore it.
Much work was also put into the Just Be You mkal: (Again, piece is completed, yet un-blocked and un-photographed)
It's a gorgeous shawl with heavy beading towards the end.  So sparkly!

I may also have started at least one more shawl knit along called Organized Chaos
The name was too perfect for me not to cast it on, having the yarn in stash was a driving factor as well.
The last knitting I've been working steadily on is socks for Husband and his over sized feet.
Each one is the size of a sweater sleeve for me.  Did I mention that there are two pair on the needles and one pair waiting to be cast on?  They feel a bit daunting.
But as testament to prove he is deserving, here's one of the wonderful things he bought me for my birthday:
He got me my House blanket and then insisted I put it up in our room!  Just one of the reasons I will continue to knit him socks.
Planning has already begun for Halloween, in between the bouts of knitting, of course.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Anyone going to a March for Science?  Do what you can, no matter where you are.  Little things help, especially if they become habit and make a cumulative positive difference!

I do apologize for the lack of postings.  My internet connection has been...less than ideal the last month or so (10-15 minutes to load a page?  Providing there aren't too many pictures.)  Too much wet and wind this winter apparently.  Ah well, it's given me tons of knitting time!  Hopefully I'll be able to upload pictures soon!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy Spring?

It's been gray and raining for most of March.  The whole household has had the cold plus cough thing that everyone has seemed to have lately.  Much to my shock, it's snowing as I type this.  My spring plantings are living on a windowsill for now.  I am pondering if there will actually be an end to winter.
I've knit a lovely hat and mitt set that I thought might be too warm for the March for Science on Earth Day, now I'm not so sure.
I may also have bought more yarn.
While that is not all of my recent yarn purchases, I haven't stopped to take pictures of the others.
The luscious skein front and center is for BooKnits Just Be You shawl KAL that starts in May.  The yarn is Claudia Handpaints in their Lust yarn base in the colorway Last Nights Wine.  I still giggle at the combination of yarn and pattern.
After a conversation with Husband discussing how he is quite all right with women with "edges" (yes I may be a bit prickly on occasion), I decided to go with beads that were cubes instead of round.
I love the combination!  Happily I have time to clear a few things off the needles before the first clue comes's not like I can head outside to tend the garden...yet.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This is the piece I finished today!  I think he is adorable.

The shiny squirrel wreath also turned out fairly well:
I also managed to get the Stormborn shawl off the needles yesterday.  It wasn't a difficult knit...I am just easily distracted; which is why it was on the needles for three years.  The piece is really lovely though.
I adore the yarn I used for the shawl.  It's Hawthorne from KnitPicks in the Ladd's Addition colorway.
Spot is decked out for the season and wishes you a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Growing Salad in My Living room....

And other ways I am attempting to cope with the year thus far, in as healthy a fashion as possible.
It's growing rather well considering how gray the weather has been.  I am decidedly looking forward to the warmer weather.
I made a wreath for the front door for February, luckily people laugh when they see it.
The one I have planned for March and April has a metallic, shiny squirrel on it...with daffodils of course.
I have bought far too much yarn, with plans for even more...that for once I do not feel guilty about.
The green is a colorway at the very front called Feckin' Leprechauns from Brew City Yarns that I got in their Lucky Charms (sparkly) yarn base.  How could I not with that combination?

Tomorrow, for International Women's Day  I will be wearing red and knitting brain hats for the March for Science in April.
Mostly, I have been spending far too much time worrying about others and listening to insane amounts of news trying to keep up with current affairs, (if I don't I'm afraid I will miss something I really shouldn't).
I'm hoping to start some Spring cleaning/organizing/crafting this week as well.  Who knows? I may actually get something accomplished besides stressing out or getting angry.

Purple Jalapeno!

There has been a heavy amount of trying to keep plants alive around here.  As with so many places this summer, it has been decidedly warme...