Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is it Halloween yet?

For most people, Halloween is ages away.  The local craft stores have their Halloween holiday stuff out though, giving a trip for pillow stuffing a slightly gothic turn.
As it's vaguely Halloween all year around our house, I figured it wouldn't be too out of place to start decorating.
The package says some of the bits should glow in the dark.  We'll see how well this evening.
Once I get some tacks I will be able to put up the first stringer of lights I got.  Sadly, the blood shot candy eyes will have to wait till the holiday baking begins.
My excuse for buying more Halloween decorations is that most of ours are old and beginning to fall apart.  The actual reason?  I love Halloween!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There is almost an embarrassing amount of yarn here

Please note, I did say almost.  While cleaning out the downstairs coat closet, I discovered five boxes, shoved out of sight and forgotten after our last move.  One of those boxes was full of yarn (two others held finished objects and fabric).   I re-discovered six sweaters worth of yarn. Six!  There were three sweaters in progress!  One was ripped out, one set aside to finish later, and one was completed twenty-four hours after being exhumed from the bottom of the box.
The ends aren't woven in, the knitting is finished, and it fits.  Definitely a win.
I am also still working on the Bovary socks by General Hogbuffer.  The yarn is KnitPicks Chroma in Lupine, not my usual choice of colors.  Loving them totally!

Quite a bit of my available time is being spent knitting up samples out of a friend's hand-dye for a trunk show at the local yarn shop in October, (I don't have official dates so no links yet). 
I've finished hats in both Blue Jay and Robin using the Barley pattern from TinCan Knits.
Tequila Sunrise is being used to the Elijah pattern from Ysolda Teague.

Ocean waves is wound up in anticipation of being cast on for a shawl, I think.
Bonfire, (which is what I have been mentally calling it) was my special request.  It waits for me to figure out which hat and mitts I will be making for myself out of it.
And because I am a terrible glutton on multiple levels who cannot resist certain temptations, there may be four shawl knit alongs worth of yarn (and their required beads) winging their way towards me.  I know I said I would be buying no more yarn, but that was before a Vanessa Ives and Voodoo knit alongs went live.  Then there was the Hogwarts themed one I found, so of course I needed to show my Ravenclaw colors!
There is at least one other skein I will be showing off once it arrives, bought in a moment of fangirl need.
Really, that needs to be it because there are six projects to be finished the first week of October and then twenty others (an accurate number, I made a list) that I endeavor to have done by November.  Why yes, I do believe I may be a bit insane? Why do you ask?

Monday, August 3, 2015

I finished another one...

Being short waisted(as well as not overly tall) and making this LivedIn with short sleeves probably helped.  I used Shine Worsted in Butter Pecan (discontinued ages ago) and Cream.  It doesn't look as lovely flat as it does on, but I haven't woven in ends or washed it yet so it's not ready for wearing.  When I did try it (as soon as it came off the needles) the loose gauge and very soft yarn gave it the look and feel of the perfect summer tee shirt.
I am almost to the point of separating for the sleeves on the third one on the needles and I pulled out a third Date Night that I had cast on and left to languish.  Darling Son creatively described my hoard of unfinished objects as an "armada of ufos"... I can't really argue.

Due to the high temperatures and high winds lately, my garden has been less productive than it was at the start of the season.  This was the average every few days:

Not a gob of produce, but it was consistent enough to forestall a run to the grocery store for about a week.   Now, with minimal blooms, there is minimal fruit and there is no "shopping the garden" for dinner.  I'm hoping once it cools off a bit they will start producing again.  I am missing fresh, sweet tomatoes warm from the vines tossed with cucumbers with actual flavor...till then, store bought it is.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I bought a few skeins...

In my defense, KnitPicks was having a sale and aside from a couple of skeins of sock yarn, this is probably the last yarn purchase for the next five to six months.  This haul will net me; two sweaters, five pairs of standard size socks, a pair of striped thigh highs, and two beaded lace shawls.  These have been added to the stash as projects in labelled zip top bags with everything except the required needles, which is what most of my yarn stash is; projects in potentia.I also got a few skeins to stretch yarn already in stash so I could make another LivedIn.
The golden tan color is a discontinued shade called Butter Pecan. I plan on using the Fibonacci number sequence to blend the cream color into the body of the sweater.
Then, a friend kindly brought me a few skeins of her hand dye.
From left to right those are: Tequila Sunrise, Blue Jay and Robin.  Tequila Sunrise is going to be made into an elephant toy to put on the bar. I may already be planning for said pink elephant to have a feather boa and a tiny martini glass.  Robin and Blue Jay will become hats and mitts for Daughter and Son, respectively.
Amidst all this incoming yarn (there was a little spinning fiber too, but I forgot to take pictures), I did manage to finish another sweater.
I finally completed the Namaste I've been working on since...February? Maybe March? I know most of it was knit in April.  I adore the finished piece, it was just not an overly engaging thing to knit, so it took me a wee bit.
That leaves two cotton tops on the needles that need to be finished before I get to work on the winter wear I've been letting languish in the summer heat.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Overly enthusiastic....and vaguely panicked

I have more things on the needles in progress than most people knit in a year.  This is not a problem for me usually.  I have never been a monogamous knitter in any real way. My enthusiasm for knit alongs this summer means I've added three shawls(plus a fourth one I've already finished) and a pair of socks to the list of things to complete soonest.
The socks are Bovary by General Hogbuffer in KnitPicks Chroma fingering weight in the colorway Lupine
I am loving both the colorway and the pattern! It's kind of eye-searingly bright, making it perfect for socks.
This shawl is the second in the Elemental series by Erica Jackofsky, Water:

The yarn is Cascade Heritage sock in the Marine colorway.
I'm also still working on the Naked Gardening knit along shawl in Malabrigo lace, Black Forest colorway. 
The beads are an iridescent taupe I had a couple of tubes of.
Lest you think I have forsworn my most favored color; here's the start of the Forest MKAL
It's another piece using Cascade Heritage sock, this time in Mossy Rock.
I even finished something!  This is LivedIn (minus the front purl stitch) in Comfy worsted in a limited edition colorway called Cabernet Heather.
It fits so wonderfully I already have more yarn for a second one on the way!

None of this is a problem...except, it looks like we will be moving at the end of the year (or thereabouts).   I will not be able to carry all my works in progress with me, as it's currently a pile two feet high and three feet across.  I already have minor separation anxiety over the thought of lack of access to my yarn stash for a minimum of two months. When first confronted with this idea, I made cookies that were supposed to look like cinnamon rolls, but overly warm dough made them roses instead.

Now, now I realize I need to start finishing as many things as possible...while getting everything else ready to pack.   I'm going to need more cookies!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy sounds for your ears

I may be behind the curve a bit, but I've been wallowing in Post Modern Jukebox lately. The music brings a grin to my face, I hope it brings a grin to yours!

Friday, July 3, 2015

There might be a theme to all this...

But it seems difficult to put my finger on.  Maybe it will become clear if I make a list?

I've found rose perfume I love! It actually smells like fresh roses! It also layers nicely with the amber scent I have worn for years.
 Then I bought some rose water and vegetable glycerin (plus some other stuff), and now I use a Victorian-esque rose water lotion just about everywhere!
I may have found lip stuff that is either rose scented or that particular mauve/pink shade deemed rose.

I found this stuff while wandering the grocery store:
The taste is fairly light, even in water (though it's also good in gin), and it turns the drink a lovely color.
To wrap it up, I found a pattern called Tangled Rose for worsted weight socks.  I immediately bought yarn in a colorway called Beet and cast on, because everyone contemplates and knits winter socks mid-summer...right?

I think I may be on a rose kick...indefinitely.