Wednesday, April 4, 2018

First Chuck, Prosecco, and a Dragon

So I have finished the first in my worsted weight sweater list.  A Chuck sweater out of Cascade 220 in the Mossy Rock colorway that took me just under two weeks to finish:
The second Chuck is on the needles, out of the same yarn base, though not very far along:
It was my birthday, so I celebrated:
That blood orange soda is amazing!  Makes outstanding mimosas.
And I worked on my Radiant Dragon shawl out of Junkyarns in her Sophie colorway, Plush MCN fingering weight:
Not my usual set of colors, bu they are lovely and the yarn base is just wonderful!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do they deliver?

This has been the oft most uttered phrase in my house for several weeks now  I have had everything from glow in the dark wine glasses to bed frames dropped on my door step.  Even a bottle of wine.

But the box that everyone is happy to see, is the one from Brandless.    I liked their concept so I bought a test box; random bits to see if their products were decent.  Their shave gel is outstanding!  So I ordered again, before their maple cookies were no longer available:
There was a request for more of the Sweet Jalapeno Lentil Crisps before we had finished the first bag.  I have been consistently happy with their stuff, from shave gel and kitchen utensils to vegetable broth and scone mix.   It's all delivered in timely fashion as well.

And what does all this obvious snack food mean?  That I can eat and knit at the same time!
Which is good, as I have set myself a randomly ridiculous goal of knitting five worsted weight sweaters before the end of May.
Three of the sweaters are from Andi Satterlund. Two will be Chucks, one in a natural heather, the other a moss green.  One will be a Julgran, done in a medium heather gray, to be adorned with Halloween themed buttons and beads.
The fourth will be a Rule of Three, in yet another variation of a moss/forest green.  The fifth sweater isn't really a full sweater but I'm totally counting it.  A Camille's Waistcoat in a wonderful shade called True Blood Red from Blue Moon Fiber Arts will likely be the last one I try and push through before my entirely arbitrary deadline hits.
This is really how I am keeping myself occupied at the moment, at least until it warms up outside a bit more and I can go play in the garden again!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Busy Hermit

There have been many different things demanding my attention the last few weeks.
A computer that consumed much of that time, yet refused to be fixed. (A replacement has since been ordered.)
There was a bed to be put together:
Seedlings to be planted and tended in the living room in preparation of a Spring planting:
A year of socks planned out (yes there are several green skeins, I like green. No all thirteen are not shown, I picked a few more later. I need to take more pictures):
As well as three different sweaters put on the needles:
All of which happen to be top down, v-neck style sweaters, but three very different patterns.

Closets have also been re-organized, which paired nicely with a bit of a wardrobe re-do.  Sadly, a good portion of the re-do involves sewing.  Sewing which has been sitting out on my dining room table for the better part of a month waiting for me to finish work on the (now retired) computer.

I'll get to it.  Soon.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

It's only February?

January was... a lot. My laptop battery began to die. Obtained a new one. The heating element went out on my dryer.  Bought a new heating element and replaced it myself.  My printer started arguing with me yesterday. Still need to sort that out.  Darling Son needed his bed frame replaced.  A new bed frame is on it's way.
Even my knitting was not spared.  Apparently my gauge was off, waaaay off on this Tea Leaves shawl
I ran out of yarn.  I bought another skein, Malabrigo Arroyo in the Coffee Toffee colorway.  And proceeded to run out of yarn.  The shawl was ripped, re-cast on smaller needles and at some point I will take a picture of the finished item...once it's blocked.
While I was waiting for the yarn for the shawl, I cast on something else; of course.
That is the start of a V-neck Boxy in Stroll Tonal, Thunderhead colorway.  Because it seemed entirely sensible at the time to cast on a huge, fine gauge sweater as a filler project.

I also wound the yarn and swatched for the Auspice shawl that will be my 2018 Ravellenics project.
That is actually the called for yarn in the pattern.  Not something I normally do, but the yarn was so incredibly pretty!  It's Northbound Knitting in their merino/silk fingering, Tanqueray colorway.

As it's a whole week till the official cast on time for the Ravellenics; I cast on a Radiant Dragon in my first skein of Junkyarn in her Sophie colorway.  I would show you pictures, but the yarn was so lovely when it arrived yesterday afternoon it was wound and cast on by the time dinner was done.  Eventually I will be willing to put it down long enough to photograph it.  Must. Keep. Knitting!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I was going to blog sooner....

But I got distracted and knit a sweater.
It's a Dockside sweater.  I started it last Sunday, bound off the second sleeve this afternoon.  Yes, it really is an adult size sweater.  I've tried it on and it sits quite nicely, though it still needs blocking.
The (almost) instant gratification of a sweater knit on size U.S. 17(12 mm) needles with no shaping and minimal detail work was really the counterpoint to the project I finished the first week of the year for Husband.
That is a pair of mens size 13 U.S. socks on my usual U.S. size 2 (2.75 mm) sock needles.  It's the Time Traveler sock pattern done in Dream in Color's Green Lantern colorway with an inserted Green Lantern device.  Yes, that is a standard size paperback book (good series by the way).  No, my colorwork skills are not as awesome as they could be.
We will not discuss how long it took me to finish these socks.

The sweater also has me off to a decent start for the 2018 Challenge on Ravelry that I decided I would participate in for some reason.  Admittedly, the list I have of projects to complete does not encompass all the projects I hope to finish this year, it's just a good reference to work from.  I've also decided that for some reason plain socks will not count against that particular official challenge.  Mentally, I've joined the Box O Sox 2018 hosted by the YarnGasm podcast.  I even have a boring cardboard box next to my knitting seat labelled, "Socks"...just in case they start randomly flying off the needles.  As there are only seven patterned socks on my official challenge list, that means another five completed pairs of socks that I only plan on counting for one of the challenges.

Talk about delusions of knitting time!  I suppose we will have to see what happens.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting the new year.....

In my new favorite pj's!  Once I saw the hedgehog onesie, it had to be mine!  It even has a tail!
Admittedly, I now think I need to try my hand at making a couple more.  Far too many of the ones I've found are pastels.  I don't do pastels and the patterns I've seen look simple enough.  Just more projects to add to my List (as it's hit rather epic proportions it deserves the capital letter).
The List is part of my vague plan to make all the things and get all the stuff accomplished this year; sleep may end up being optional.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

And a Happy New Year!

Please enjoy your festivities whatever they are!  May the new year bring you joy!

I will personally be enjoying the gingerbread cookies I made with the cookie cutters I found earlier this year,(my piping skills need work but I think they turned out okay):
Maybe tomorrow I will show off the hedgehog onesie I have been wearing.  It's been agreed upon that the hedgehog is my patronus; cute to certain people and decidedly prickly.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

First Chuck, Prosecco, and a Dragon

So I have finished the first in my worsted weight sweater list.  A Chuck sweater out of Cascade 220 in the Mossy Rock colorway that took m...