Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Hurried Update

As my computer time is limited, there will be minor coverage of major events.

Happy Birthday Girls! (Yes, this is late. I'm sorry but I haven't had a computer for days!) Three girls, two generations, one week of birthdays. I still find it amazing.
One of the places we went for Daughter's birthday was The Chocolate Cartel . I highly recommend them!

Holiday gift knitting has commenced, along with the "Ack! It's cold in the morning!" knitting of wool socks and warm sweaters for me so I can continue to knit the gifts. I am finding it difficult to focus though as The Sanguine Gryphon has posted it's fall 2010 patterns
I admit having given in to Spatterdash, Zylphia Pilots Her Airship, and Innsmouth Bodice already. Two of my greatest weaknesses combined, knitting and steampunk. I also have a deep love for this yarn as well as it's other haunted location compatriots, but there is a very personal adoration of the Winchester Mystery House.

Halloween decorations are already in progress and my confused tomato plants are just starting to fruit. Enough herb tea has been mixed to last me through the winter months. Sewing will soon commence as the upstairs is no longer roasting at midday. New Dutch Hex signs are being designed and painted.

I believe that covers most things, hopefully I will be able to add more detail and pictures in the next week or two.

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